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A Study on Intrusion of Information and Communications Network

Article 48 (1) of the Information and Communications Network Act is based on the abstract, comprehensive, and flexible concept of the “Information and Communication Network”. With the development of information and communication technology and the Internet, it can be said that the world is virtually connected to a single information and communication network. Depending on the given ...
di EungJun Jeon, Lawyer, YOUME Lawfirm, Seoul; Republic of Korea. Donghwan Shin, Lawyer, YOUME Lawfirm, Seoul; Republic of Korea.

A Proper Test to Determine Copyright Infringement Related to Computer Games

Compared to the first video game introduced 50 years ago, the current graphics technology has made impressive progress and the computing ability for game operation or use has grown to an unmatched extent. The development environment is also very easy because it is easy to access development tools, and the video game industry has grown significantly through the activation of numerous platforms, ...
di Seung Soo Choi, Partner, Jipyong LLC/ Adjunct Professor, Chungang University Law School in South Korea.

Statutory Damages and Treble Damages in Korean IP Laws

To prove the causation between the defendant’s infringement of an intellectual property (right) of the plaintiff and actual damages and the amount of actual damages has been very challenging in cases related to intellectual property. Hence, the intellectual property laws in the Republic of Korea have provided several provisions computing damages based on lost sale, ...
di Gyooho Lee, Professor of Law, Chung-Ang University School of Law, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Wearable device for oral biodata collection and analysis

In response to changes in smart healthcare, this report devised a wearable device that provides new medical services for patient-specific disease diagnosis and sleep disorder analysis through monitoring of biological data collected from saliva. The wearable device based on the clear aligner is expected to create a great expected effect in the market of the smart healthcare field in response to ...
di Jin Kyun Lee, Chairman, Perio Dental Clinic – Director for International Affairs, Korean Dentist Association.